Mido-suji total 4 km of Illumination achieved a world record in 2014 as "the street with most light decorations on street trees” . In the area from Yodoyabashi to Shinbashi, the wall of building and facility on the street will be super unique illumination subject or exhibition space of global-scale artists this year. Experience more attractive and gorgeous Mido-suji.
Location Mido-suji Ave.(Hanshin-mae intersection - Namba-nishiguchi intersection)
Period 2017/11/12(Sun) - 2017/12/31(Sun)
Time Around 5:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.
Illumination of ginkgo street trees connecting north-south side of Osaka
A total 4 km of magnificent illumination !
Mido-suji unique illumination including “Star Dust” and “Colonnade” will colors eight areas with each theme color. This year, “Five colors star dust” will be displayed in Umeda Area to celebrate the 80-year anniversary for the completion of Mido-suji Ave.
5-color Mix, Aqua Metropolis Blue

Umeda - Umedashinmichi

Mido-suji Yellow Mix

Umedashinmichi - Oebashi

Aqua Metropolis Blue

Yodoyabashi - Kawaramachi

Champagne Gold Mix

Kawaramachi - Chuo-Odori


Chuo-Odori - Bakuromachi

Mido-suji Coral

Bakuromachi - Nagaboridori - Shimizucho

Shiny Pink

Shimizucho - Sennichimae dor

Mido-suji Purple


Umeda - Honmachi Area
Picked-up Light ups
0.Hanshin Department Storefront Hanshin Department Storefront
11/12(Sun) - 12/31/2017(Sun)
01.Umeda Intake Towers Umeda Intake Towers
11/12(Sun) - 12/31/2017(Sun)
02.Ishihara Building Ishihara Building
11/12(Sun) - 12/31/2017(Sun)
03.Osaka Togin Building Osaka Togin Building
11/12(Sun) - 12/31/2017(Sun)
04.Nippon Life Insurance Company main office Main Bldg Nippon Life Insurance Company main office Main Bldg.
11/12(Sun) - 12/31/2017(Sun)
06.OME Building OME Building
11/12(Sun) - 12/31/2017(Sun)
07.Keihanshin Mido-suji Building Keihanshin Mido-suji Building
11/12(Sun) - 12/31/2017(Sun)
08.Osaka Gas Building Osaka Gas Building
11/12(Sun) - 12/31/2017(Sun)
10.Ginsen Bingomachi Building Ginsen Bingomachi Building
11/12(Sun) - 12/31/2017(Sun)
11.Mido-suji Mitsui Building Mido-suji Mitsui Building
11/12(Sun) - 12/31/2017(Sun)
12.Honganji temple Tsumura complex (Kitamido) Honganji temple Tsumura complex (Kitamido)
11/12(Sun) - 12/31/2017(Sun)
13.Naniwa Traditional Performance Art Silhouette Mido Building
11/12(Sun) - 12/31/2017(Sun)
14.Honmachi Garden City Honmachi Garden City
11/12(Sun) - 12/31/2017(Sun)
Honmachi - Namba Area
Picked-up Light ups
16.Mido-suji DAIWA Building Mido-suji DAIWA Building
11/12(Sun) - 12/31/2017(Sun)
18.Mido-suji Grand Tower Mido-suji Grand Tower
11/12(Sun) ,12/16(Thu) - 12/30/2017(Sat)
20.Yodoko Dai2 Building Yodoko Dai2 Building
11/12(Sun) - 12/31/2017(Sun)
21.Hulic Shinsaibashi Building Hulic Shinsaibashi Building
11/12(Sun) - 12/31/2017(Sun)
22.Hotel Nikko Osaka Hotel Nikko Osaka
11/12(Sun) - 12/31/2017(Sun)
23.Mittera Temple Mittera Temple
11/12(Sun) - 12/31/2017(Sun)
24.Spotaka front statue “Statue of Fair Play” Spotaka Bld.
11/12(Sun) - 12/31/2017(Sun)
11/12(Sun) - 12/31/2017(Sun)
26.Namba Mido-suji Building Namba Mido-suji Building
11/12(Sun) - 12/31/2017(Sun)
27.Zippo Nakamura Zippo Nakamura
11/12(Sun) - 12/31/2017(Sun)
28.Nankai Building Nankai Building
11/12(Sun) - 12/31/2017(Sun)
Mido-suji Illumination 2017
near by illumination
Check the “near by illumination”, too!
A.Yodoyabashi WEST Yodoyabashi Southwest area
11/14(Tue) - 12/25/2017(Mon)
B.Yodoyabashi odona Winter Illumination Yodoyabashi odona
11/12/2017(Sun) - 1/8/2018(Holiday)
C.Semba Center Bldg Illumination Semba Center Bldg 9th Bldg. West, 10th Bldg. East
11/12(Sun) - 12/31/2017(Sun)
D.Honmachi Garden City Christmas Illumination Honmachi Garden City Entrance Hall
11/21(Tue)*Scheduled - 12/25/2017(Mon)
E.Pasona Group Bldg. Delicate radiance! Christmas tree Pasona Group Bldg.
11/20(Mon) - 12/25/2017(Mon)*Scheduled
F.Mido-suji Nomura building Illumination Midosuji Nomura Bldg.
11/12(Sun) - 12/31/2017(Sun)
G.Bank of Japan Osaka Branch Illumination Bank of Japan Osaka Branch
11/12(Sun) - 12/31/2017(Sun)
H.Tsuyu no Tenjinja Illumination Tsuyu no Tenjinja (common name: Ohatsu Tenjin) premises
12/1/2017(Fri) -2/3/2018(Sat)
I.Dojima Planting Zone Illumination Dojima area Sogo Taxi Kitashinch rank area Dojima Planting Zone
12/1/2017(Fri) -2/3/2018(Sat)
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