Concept / Event Theme

コンセプト・開催テーマ Festival of the Lights in Osaka 2017's core program is "Mido-suji Illumination 2017" and Aqua Metropolis Osaka's symbolic art festival "OSAKA Hikari-Renaissance 2017", with its 15 year anniversary in Nakanoshima. Groups illustrating Osaka's range of regional activities in light are holding an exhibit, "Area Program", with the theme "The Museum of Light that Colors Osaka’s Nights".
Modeling Lyon France's world famous light festival, "La Fête des Lumières", we are aspiring to host over 15 million guests, from Japan and abroad, by 2020. (2016 saw approximately 12.93 million guests)
Main Period :
November 12, 2016 (Sun.)
to November 31 (Sun)
Event Theme
Entering our fifth year with "Festival of the Lights in Osaka 2017", we can boast that our event is even better than ever. As the "Light Museum" illuminates Osaka in a charming, warm and welcoming light, it cements Osaka as "The capital of water and light", encouraging sightseeing and energizing the city.
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