Illuminated bridges

07.Temma Bridge
07.Temma Bridge

What is seen on the bridge girdles are the Temma Glass patterns from the origin of glass, Temma. You can also see stars under the bridge.


All year around

“Illuminated bridges”

The Okawa River and the Dojima River and the Tosabori River that flow on the north and south of Nakanoshima have a total of seven bridges that will light up. Walking on the promenade by the river as well as going on the cruise ship below the bridges show romantic scenery before your eyes!


Period 11/12(Sun) - 12/31/2017(Sun)
Time Sundown - 11:00 p.m.
Place Temma Bridge
Remarks ※毎時00分、30分に変わる演出有り
(Images provided by Osaka Construction Bureau)