Festival of the lights in OSAKA 2015 Sun.Nov.29.2015 ~ Sun.Jan.17.2016

With a focus on the core programs, lights will illuminate all of Osaka.
Each area program in Osaka will provide a wondrous display of illuminations that will help us forget about the cold winter.

Inspiring illuminations at Osaka's "Museum of Light". The Osakan style of light will truly unfold during the "Festival of the Lights in Osaka".
This event will not only bring excitement and lively talks, but it will also continue to attract visitors year after year thanks to the kind Osakan hospitality. We want you to spend a treasurable time with your loved ones.
With this heartfelt intention, the Festival of the Lights in Osaka will greet you with the outstanding collaboration of the light, the city and the people.

Core Program

Core Program

OSAKA Hikari―Renaissance 2015

Mido―suji Illumination 2015

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