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    What is the Festival of the lights in OSAKA

    As well as the two main programs, the "Midosuji Illumination" held on Midosuji Avenue, one of Osaka's symbolic streets, and the "Osaka Hikari-Renaissance", a light art project to be held in Nakanoshima, other programs will be held in various locations throughout Osaka, creating a beautiful and fantastic nighttime glow in the city.


    Midosuji Illumination 2023

    This large-scale illumination wraps Midosuji Avenue, one of Osaka's symbolic streets, in a gentle glow. This path of light, which mesmerizes viewers from all over the world, was officially granted a world record in January 2015.
    This year, you can enjoy landmark lasers and projection mapping along with the illuminated Ginkgo trees that enhance the beauty of Midosuji.


    OSAKA Hikari-Renaissance 2023

    The OSAKA Hikari-Renaissance will feature a full range of light displays that take advantage of the waterside scenery of Nakanoshima, a symbol of Osaka, a city built on water.
    Revisiting the city's roots as an aqua metropolis, it connects the waterfront to the people and the city, just like the city's 808 bridges used to do.