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    Core Program @ Midosuji Area Midosuji Illumination2023

    Symbolic Street of Light Connecting to a Bright Future.

    This is a large-scale illumination that wraps Midosuji, the symbolic street of Osaka, in a gentle light. The path of light, which fascinates on a global scale, was certified as a world record in January 2015. Please enjoy the landmark lasers, projection mapping, and beautiful illumination that represents the history of Midosuji, the emblem of Osaka.


    Event Overview

    Event Period:
    Around 17:00-23:00
    Only on Dec. 31 (Sun.) night till 1:00am
    (Hanshin-mae intersection to Namba-nishiguchi intersection)

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    Expressing 50 Years of Osaka History in Five types of lights

    From the Japan World Expo '70 to Expo 2025 Osaka Kansai, we depict 55 years of Osaka's history through five zones, each illuminated to symbolize a specific era. The journey of Osaka's growth will unfold along the iconic Midosuji Avenue, brought to life by colorful illuminations. We invite you to enjoy this experience while reflecting on the passage of time.

    Aqua Metropolis Blue

    Aqua Metropolis Blue 1970’s

    Hanshin-mae to Oebashi-kitazume

    Light illuminating economic growth

    The 1970s marked a period of rapid economic growth for Japan, and the Japan World Expo held in Osaka symbolized this economic milestone. The Aqua Metropolis Blue, representing modern Osaka, unites the anticipation for the city's past and future growth. Allow the lights to envelop Kita, Osaka.

    Midosuji Avenue Map

    Aqua Metropolis Blue



    Champagne Gold

    Champagne Gold 1980’s

    Kitahama-3 to Senbachuo-3

    Glamorous lights of the bubble economy era

    The splendid Champagne Gold lights evoke memories of Japan's 1980s bubble economy-a glittering era of affluence, marked by the birth of various products and entertainment.

    Champagne Gold

    Kitahama 3

    Senba Chuo 3


    Mixed Colors 1990’s-2000’s

    Kyutaromachi 3 to Shinbashi-kita

    Lights rich in diversity

    As the 20th century came to a close and the 21st century dawned, the widespread adoption of the Internet and cell phones enabled people to access a wealth of information effortlessly. The array of mixed colors in the lights symbolizes the diversification of society.

    Mixed Colors

    Kyutaromachi 3



    Pink 2010’s

    Midosuji-Unagidani to Midosuji-Mitsuderacho

    Revolutionary lights overflowing with changing energy

    The soft pink hue symbolizes the shift in energy consciousness during the 2010s, when people became increasingly aware of renewable energy sources. This awareness was further fueled by the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the 2015 UN summit, contributing to the sustainable energy practices we have today.


    Midosuji Unagidani


    パープル × ゴールド〜ホワイト

    Purple x Gold
    to White

    Dotonboribashi-kitazume to Nanbanishiguchi

    Lights leading to the future

    The elegant combination of purple and gold accentuates Osaka's maturation as it readies itself for Expo 2025 Osaka Kansai. The illumination journey culminates with radiant white lights, symbolizing the ongoing growth and development of Osaka in the years ahead.

    Purple x Gold





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    Connecting Eras with Light Beginning in Kita, Osaka

    Landmark Laser

    Landmark Laser

    A light reminiscent of the 1970 Expo extends from Midosuji Avenue high into the sky.

    Umeda Intake Tower

    Projection Mapping

    Projection Mapping

    We will illuminate the starting point of the illumination with a large-scale projection mapping using the wall surface.

    Osaka Ekimae 4th Building

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    Conveying Osaka's hope and expectations for the future through vibrant lights

    Projection Mapping & Landmark Laser

    Projection Mapping & Landmark Laser

    Laser lights will be launched in anticipation of the emergence of new information technology from Osaka. Additionally, a 3D projection mapping will take place, creating a participatory event that bridges people from different eras in history.

    Namba Square * The event is scheduled to start from Dec. 2 (Sat.)

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    Building façade lighting

    The buildings are illuminated in theme colors that correspond to their respective completion years! Explore these structures that have played a pivotal role in Osaka's development.

    Midosuji Mitsui Bldg.

    Midosuji Mitsui Bldg.

    Aqua Metropolis Blue

    Hotel Nikko Osaka

    Hotel Nikko Osaka

    Champagne Gold

    Midosuji MTR Bldg.

    Midosuji MTR Bldg.

    Lime Green

    Yodoyabashi Odona

    Yodoyabashi Odona


    Hommachi Minami Garden City

    Hommachi Minami Garden City


    The list of illuminated buildings

    Umeda Intake Tower

    Aioi Nissay Dowa
    Insurance Phoenix Tower

    Osaka City Hall

    Osaka Gas Midosuji
    Higashi Bldg.

    Keihanshin Midosuji Bldg.

    Sompo Japan Osaka Bldg.

    Ginsen Bingo-machi Bldg.

    Hommachi Garden City

    My Message Trees

    My Message Trees

    Discover heartfelt messages from loved ones ('My Messages') and messages from supportive companies ('Supporters' Messages') on the ginkgo trees along the sidewalk. Take a moment to appreciate these glowing messages that will warm your heart.

    Trees on Midosuji sidewalk

    Donation Request for the
    Midosuji Illumination Fund

    The Midosuji Illumination Project is supported by your donations. We sincerely welcome donations to keep this project going.
    Please check details here!

    Explore More Than Just Illuminations!

    Support Midosuji Illumination by
    staying at collaborated hotels

    A portion of your accommodation fee will be donated to the Midosuji Illumination Fund when you purchase the Festival of the Lights in Osaka Hotel Package or the Midosuji Illumination Hotel Package that are available during the illumination period at hotels tied up with Osaka Prefecture.
    Please check details here!

    Hotels in Alphabetical Order

    Roofless Double Decker Bus OSAKA SKY VISTA Special Shuttle

    Double-decker open-top bus
    OSAKA SKY VISTA Special Bus

    A special open-top bus will be ready to welcome visitors for the Midosuji Illumination. Enjoy listening to the guide on the bus, who introduces highlights of the Festival of the Lights in Osaka.

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