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Main Programs @ Midosuji Area

Midosuji Illumination 2021

Midosuji Ave., one of the most symbolic streets of Osaka, is enveloped in gentle lights throughout this large-scale illumination. The section from Umeda to Namba is showered in colorful lights. This path of lights has garnered global recognition with a world record certification in January 2015.
OSAKA光のルネサンス 2021
Main Programs @ Nakanoshima Area

OSAKA Hikari Renaissance 2021

The concept for this year’s event combines “renaissance,” meaning to “re-form,” with the one who has the power to reform Osaka’s bright future, “you,” becoming “RE-YOU: You, again. You are the reason for the future.” The light programs will accentuate the waterfront scenery of Nakanoshima, the symbolic waterfront city of Osaka.
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