Festival of the lights in OSAKA
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Festival of the lights in OSAKA

11/4/2019 (Mon, Substitute Holiday) – 1/31/2020 (Fri)


Core Programs:OSAKA Hikari-Renaissance 2019

OSAKA Hikari-Renaissance 2019

Art Festival of Light paints the sky of Nakanoshima, a symbol of Aqua Metropolis Osaka

Buildings designated as national important cultural properties such as Central Public Hall and Nakanoshima Library are located in Nakanoshima. Very original programs using lights will be held in Nakanoshima Park, a symbol of Aqua Metropolis Osaka.


Event Period
12/14 (Sat) – 12/25/2019 (Wed)
Partial Light-up Period  11/4 (Mon, Substitute Holiday) – 12/13/2019 (Fri), 26 (Thu) – 31(Tue)
(Only Illumination on the façade of Osaka City Hall and Nakanoshima Illumination Street)
Event Time
17:00 – 22:00 (some programs 16:00 – 23:00)
Event Location
Vicinity of Osaka City Hall – Nakanoshima Park

Pay special attention to new programs! Check out this year’s highlights.

  • Highlight1

    The art of light beautifully lighting up Osaka City Central Public Hall

    The art of light using the wall of Osaka City Central Public Hall will be performed this year as well. Two different attractive shows, projection mapping and light painting, will be held at different times.

  • Highlight2

    Synchronization of lights and music on approximately 150m of sparkling street

    The illumination street, where rows of elm trees reaching approximately 150m are lit up, symbolizes “OSAKA Hikari-Renaissance.” A special program of lights changing with the music can be enjoyed after 12/1 (Sun).

  • Highlight3

    A unique exchanging program where you can feel Tainan city

    This cultural exchange program with Tainan city will be held three years in a row. The theme for this year is temple plaza (Taoist temple) and Xiaochi (local popular food). Hundreds of lanterns will make you feel like you are living in Tainan.

Venue Map

Suggested Course

Main Venue Festival Park of Lights
East Venue Nakanoshima Rose Light Park